Teh Correct top 15 @ 205

Ok, here you go. My top 15 at 205lbs
Overall Record
(record last 3 yrs)
[record vs other current top 15 fighters]

1) Forrest Griffin 16-4 (5-2) [2-2]
2) Rampage Jackson 28-7 (6-1) [4-4]
3) Chuck Liddell 21-5 (6-2) [5-2]
4) Shogun Rua 16-3 (6-2) [3-2]
5) Lyoto Machida 13-0 (7-0) [2-0]
6) Wanderlei Silva 32-8 (3-4) [5-4]
7) Sokojou 5-2 (4-2) [2-1]
8) Rashad Evans 11-0-1 (6-0-1) [0-0-1]
9) Dan Henderson 22-7 (6-3) [2-4]
10) Tiago Silva 13-0 (13-0) [0-0]
11) Keith Jardine 13-4-1 (5-3) [2-1]
12) Rogerio Noguera 13-3 (2-1) [1-2]
13) Renato Babalu 29-7 (4-2) [1-3]
14) Tito Ortiz 15-6-1 (3-2-1) [2-3-1]
15) Ricardo Arona 13-5 (2-3) [2-4]

Just to show how close it is. If Forrest had lost that razor close decision to Rampage he probably falls out of the top 10.

If Anderson beats Irvin, who I think should be between 16-20, I would probably put him at #6

a win against irvin puts silva no where near top 10

Malachy Friedman - a win against irvin puts silva no where near top 10


 That division is stacked, regardless of rankings, etc....

I don't know. There have been rumours about Shogun, Wandy, Rashad, Machida at one point or another all dropping to 185. He would likely be the favorite or at least even odds vs each of those guys. As well he already handled Hendo easily. I think a win over a legit guy (Irvin) at that weight catapults him ahead. Gotta beat Irvin first.

 doesn't matter what we think anderson would be or how he would do against wandy etc if they dropped to 185

and if he beats irvin, that would probably put him around where irvin was ranked

it makes no sense to rank him in the top ten

 and looks like thiago silva needs to fight a top ten guy


Would Anderson's win vs Hendo not count in 205 rankings because it was at 185?

I would say ranking Anderson at 205 depends on where you have Hendo ranked. I found him and lil Nog the toughest to rank. Hendo because of weight jumping and losses at MW and Lil Nog for inactivity.

no you cant compare the fight at a different weight

its like saying if wand makes weight he's immediately #1 middle bc of his wins at 205 against top comp

guys handle weight differently

its the randy couture math....number1 heavy but can't beat number 1 lhw

So if Rashad drops to 185, you would rank him below Bisping? Common sense has to factor in at some point.

Couture loses to Chuck at 205, but if they fight at 220, Couture wins?

I could understand if Anderson beat Henderson 5 years ago (Babalu/Randleman) but come on, to completely discredit that fight from 2 months ago makes no sense.

here's a fighter who will be considered among the top 15 before too long...

BJ Penn's Po'ai Suganuma (9-1).  Po'ai is rematching Jared Hamman in main event of ShoXC on Aug 15, live on Showtime.  In their first fight Po'ai KOd Hamman with a flying knee in the 1st round.  Po'ai just returned from training with Liddell & Hackleman.

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^Shoulda got him for TUF8 Light heavies...