Tell Me about Dana White

with all these threads circulatin now it got me thinking.

How did Dana come about to owning the UFC? Other than he had the money to buy it or whatever...

I mean does he have ANY training experience? Fight experience??

things like that? How did he get into the MMA/NHB scene?

thanks in advance.


You just opened a can of worms, my man.

dana doesnt own the ufc, after zuffa purchased the ufc they appointed dana the president. Previously he managed tito ortiz and I think chuck liddell also. I beleive he has also worked in the boxing industry.

HP im seriously not trying to pull anyting you know as well as anyone im very new to the mma scene and all i know well, what i thought i knew was just blown out the window....

thanks Charles...thats interesting about him managing Ortiz i never knew that...



Oh, I realize that. I'm just saying this thread could get fun.

HP!! cool man

ttt for more Dana info...

IMO the president of the UFC should at least have some MMA training under him....

or at least have been involved with it before...

or is it one of those things where he was just at the right place at the right time...?


Redneck thanks man! so it kinda was the right place at the right time kinda thing....or more like knew the right people.

thanks guys....!


He obviously likes to use the word "fuck" alot.

Dana was advised that Bob Meyerowitz wanted to sell the UFC, they got it dirt cheap, $2million. He called up the Fertita's who trained with John Lewis to tell them of this. Partly because they have the cash to make the purchase, and also because they have boxing connections. They appointed Dana the President and have been making history since.

He swears a lot.

no one is perfect, and I don't see how at this point anyone could talk shit about Dana White.

"IMO the president of the UFC should at least have some MMA training under him...."

isn't it more important to have good buisness acumen and be fair as possible. The rest i.e matchmaking etc is where staff come in.

He once got in a slapfight with Moby.

LOL! How did Moby do? Did Dana boxercise him to exhaustion?

He's about as nice a guy as they come.