Tell me about DUBs. r they cool? what?

my company is doing a new product cross-merchandised w/ DUB and the whole hip-hop thing.

is this a small niche or a large market that's mainstream that i (not surprisingly) don't belong to?

*slowly backs away from thread and realizes I am no longer cool or "with it"


Rollin on DUBS, siping on Monster(tm) Juice.....

Laaaaiiid back, with my mind on my Monster(tm) and my Monster(tm) on my mind

Bad arse cars with bad arse drink = STREET!

By the way, today was a 3 monster day. Maybe too much garlic bread at lunch.

whats up wit that 3-6 Mafia?


meatrokket -  

oh shit.

CRE is about to get owned, MAYNG.

Jimmy beat me to it. I think FCTV should throw some DUB branded Donks on his car. Hella kewl, and definite performance improvements.....

i kinda like enki

You need to memeorize this.

Dubs was cool when the economy and pimp my ride was in but now not so much

monster > then Dub now

DUB was cool like when beanies were in. All the pimpin and partyin went south as soon as the cheedar was gone.

Still cool for those hip hop guys that have the dough like rappers and pro sports stars.

Throw some D's on that Bi*ch!!!

My rims are like my arms son! 22" !!