Tell me about Ivan Menjivar?

I've been looking at this guys record and he's got some GREAT wins on there and I've been hearing great things about him for a while now. He's got some pretty impressive sub wins and took Serra to a decision.

Then I read his profile and he says that he's only officially a Blue Belt ???

How impressive is this guy?

Anyone who's seen him fight, how good is his grappling? Is he still a blue belt because he doesn't do Gi stuff anymore?

It seems he's a ground N Pounder, is that right?



I have at least 2 fights of Menjivar on tape, maybe more.

Could be yours at a reasonable price of 500 euro each.

Well, if he's a blue belt, he's the best damn blue belt I've ever seen. He's very skilled on the ground.
He's also Canadian. But don't hold that against him.

He's going to fight Manu ?

Savateur, that's very kind of you ... will you take a cheque?

For now nothing is set up for a fight with Manu, but it would definitely be a fight I'd like to get for him and it would DEFINITELY be exciting


One can be a good grappler without a high rank in bjj. Shiozawa is officially only a blue belt too, but nobody would dispute his grappling ability.

I know that SILK, I know plenty of excellent grapplers with no grade in BJJ. I'm just looking for more information because I love this weight division and I've heard great things about Ivan


Sorry droc - I guess I took it up the wrong way. group hug.

TTT for Menjivar

LOL get your hand off my ass.


look at his clips at

He's the complete package. Not afraid to throw down or break your arm.

Thanks Ray, I'll have a look later, no quick time on my PC in work