Tell Me About Marcio Simas'

hey guys just curious about you folks that train at Marcio's here in Orlando, just looking for info....

i know the class times, hes got two locations right? which one do the most peole train at??

thanks in advance.



Check out his website at

I train at the Corrine Drive location, I think most of the "mixed martial arts" classes go on here, but I haven't trained at his Sand Lake location.  We also have Bobby Robare teaching Muay Thai at the Corrine Drvie location.  Paul Rodriguez teaches the Vale Tudo classes and Marcio runs the No-Gi classes.  They also do Gi classes, but those are typically taught by Marcio and Brown & Black Belts.  They also have some morning BJJ classes, not sure about those though, never been.

I think (again I haven;t trained there) his Sand Lake location is more jiu jitsu oriented.His contact phone # should be on the website.

Come train with us some night.


Matt i think i am going to go by there tomorrow night for the Open Mat at the Corrine location.

i work 2-10 everyday except Friday, i get out at 7:00 PM.

so i guess i will stop by there tomorrow night.



The sandlake location is all gi training at this time. Corrine is gi and no gi. Sandlake currently trains monday, wed, friday and saturday... 11:30 am and 6:30 pm. Both locations have day classes that you can knock out before work. Both locations average quite a few students. Sandlake has more beginners since it is newer and the training focuses more on basics. A takedown only class will also be starting on Thursday nights soon too. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. I am one of the instructors at the schools.

Sandlake also doubles as a brothel.

I was in Orlando for a conference last week and stopped by the Corrine location. I forget how much I miss training under Marcio and all the guys there.

Marcio really has everything to offer. He's got BJJ and no GI world champs, NHB fighters that have been in about every show on earth (UFC, KOTC, shooto, K1, WEF, HnS, AFC to name a few), muay Thai thought by one of the best trainers out there.

TTT for Gracie Barra!  Way to go Jeff!

see you guys on Monday.