Tell me about Peter Graham's MMA skills

Just saw a clip of this guys 'Rolling Thunder' kick against Badr Hari (url below). Holy shit. I see that he's taken up MMA and seems to serious about it, going to Brazil to train, etc. What is he like as an MMA fighter. Does he have decent take down defense, a ground game, etc?

I saw a K-1 fight of his many years ago and honestly, he tries for the rolling thunder every 45 seconds. I think it's not a very good weapon for MMA (if you miss you end up on side control bottom). He's still got good striking without it though, hopefully working on his ground game. To start building an MMA career now at his age is going to be hard work.

As an MMA fighter ... he's a great kickboxer.

The guy didn't take up MMA until his mid 30s and hasn't exactly lit the world on fire since making the switch. He's 4-5 with five submission losses, so I think it is pretty safe to say his wrestling and submission defense are not up to snuff. His only 'name' win is against Aleks Emelianenko, and Aleks made the mistake of trying to box with the elite kickboxer and got leg kicked into the living death.