Tell me about this Cardamone character

 Was he a good fighter or just some fight bum. I heard he held some sort of belt at one time?

 Yup. And he did it with striking like a man. None of that homo grappling crap.

 But I saw a video of one of his fights on youtube and he was indeed on the ground and it looked like he was not really doing anything except dry humping the dude.

 Embed, or it didn't happen.

Retadamone is a well oiled fighting machine! If not for DAC being a deaf hating racist, David would have made it to the UFC by now. Phone Post

I guess to be fair I should have also l listed Dave's soft deaf head as one of the factors that kept him out of the UFC. Sorry for the oversight. Phone Post

My brother from out of town told me cardamone has been mia. ???? Phone Post

 As legend has it he can suck a cock and a turd at the same time.

Between the meds and the tornado kicks and the popcorn lungs I get lost in his extensive postings and of his legends. Phone Post

You people don't know pain until you've spoken to him on the phone...

 Most people are jealous because he's done more in MMA than they have. Plus, he's an awesome artist. He painted me a super awesome painting complete with zombie unicorns and sexy naked undead ladies.

Agreed... David is a pioneer who has paved the way for countless other hearing impaired MMA fighters with Ass Burger Syndrome and overacting bladders. Phone Post

LOL, Csquared, I too have had a phone conversation with him. Phone Post

He gave me a long lecture about wearing headgear while training ....

Was his argument fir or against? Phone Post

*for Phone Post

headgear is for pussies

david cardamone is a very valuable member of the network!

For once I have to agree with David. I have never met a single fighter whose primary reason for getting into the sport in the first place wasn't to beat up on girls. Phone Post

 I know right...