tell me what you think(fight)

i'm the guy that desprately needs a tan. let me know of any flaws you see. i'm looking to improve so be honest.

Oh damn nice buzzer beater hah.

The only thing I really saw that I didn't agree with was you throwing kicks to the head without setting them up. He's going to see them coming a mile away and just block them or try to counter like he did when you threw that switch stance left kick. It's a pretty big waste of energy.

Nice fight btw.


 Nice work.

thanks for the response. the horn that you heard was them saying the fight was over. we fight four minute rounds. i threw the head kick cause i noticed he dropped his lead hand from the last leg kick,but i totally agree with you,i could have set it up alot better.

lmfao........negative on the boner,it was my cup. that was the first thing my wife said when she watched the video too.