Terere back in the UK

Terere is back in the UK for the foreseeable future. Great opportunity for us in the UK to train with him.

When you see him ask him if he has any plans to move to the US. I was talking to Galvao and he mentioned that Terere would probably be moving to the US (based on their conversations about his plans).

Not sure what Terere and his family are planning long term, he only arrived last weekend here so immediate plans are living and training in the UK with his friends

And he's available for seminars and private lessons just send him a message on facebook Phone Post

what part of the uk is he training out of?

Would love to train with that guy.

 he basically need to come to NYC

Living in Torquay with his wife and training with Pedro Bessa in Bristol mostly and no doubt will be at London fight factory and Braulio Estimas place. Phone Post

Will Terere be at the European Opens? Phone Post