Terrell by K.O

Dave Terrell just Knocked Yuki Sasaki out 15 sec. into round two.I personally cant wait to see the tape.All the Terrell haters out there.This is step one in the return of the "soul assasin"


I don't recall many (if any?) Terrell haters on this board.

He seems to be respected as a quality guy.

i agree. if anything there are "terrell uninformed"

congrats to dave. he has a very bright future.

I am one of the uninformed.

I've seen his name on here for years but don't know who he is and why everyone is on his bandwagon.

Can I have some info on him?

Terrell tapped Almeida in ADCC this year.

That's enough to prove he's a great grappler.

silent strike,

graciefighter.com is down (being redesigned) - this is the best source of info. In a nutshell, David is just one of those few guys who was meant to be a fighter/grappler. grappling wins over margolis, lister, avellan, etc etc.

even the most accomplished fighters agree that rolling with him us an exercise in futility.

Terrell is one of the few naturally talented guys who also produces extremely competitive students as well.

i hope he gets more press/interviews.

check out mmaweekly.com for a short interview.


didn't almeida and nathan both fight sasaki to a decision in pancrase?

Ryan G thanks again for all your help and input last night it was invaluable.
Terrell tapped Almeida @ ADCC this year,Has beaten Dean Lister twice by points,among countless others his only loss in sub. tournements is a contraversial one to Saulo Ribero @ADCC.His mma record is now 7-1 with his only loss to Vernon White early in his carreer and he fought him a week after ear surgery.
Dave his probably one of the most humble guys you will ever meet in your life.the guy is a reall class act and after last night i dont think he will be labelled a boring fighter.
Again Ryan G thanks

Tapped Almeida?? With what?

Where is Terrell from? Is he Brazilian?

Terrell is from Northern California.

Video Clip?

foot lock. he has never been scored on.

Good job Dave.

Terrell actually tapped Almeida with a "flying leg lock" I know it sounds funny and it is really hard to explain but it is legit.Hopefully they will release the ADCC dvd so all can see.Thanks Fletch i almost forgot the most impressive part about not being scored on.The guy is a absolute freak.He also runs a great school with some verry impressive students.His school just celebrated there second annivesary.Only open two years and those guys have won alot of tournements.That in itself says alot about the man.

I believe David is in Californias Elite 3x H.S state Wrestling champion (not too many of those) club as well. He has always been a terror on the mats. Congrats to him....

Dave is the man!

Congrats Dave!!! cant wait to see the fight video