Terrells site?

Anybody got the site for his school?
I can no longer find it,did it change?
I need some info on his school,help me out.

no such thing dude

Most of the Gracie fighters information can be found at.


What do you want to know??

I want to know if they train gi there.

No gi.

Do they break it up into beginner,intermediate,etc?

the training format at the academy is like this...

Show up.
Get on the mat.
Defend your life.

Beginners can often be found in clumps near the back wall or sometimes hiding under the bench or in the bathroom. (they group together cause they think there's safty in numbers. fools)

You can wear what ever you want. Just as long as you dont stink or have a ball hanging out you can train.

There are no formal intermediate/advanced/beginners class. New moves are taught every night, they are practiced, then we break into groups of similar skill level and train. There are no big egos, and Dave is a great coach.