Terry Smith to get his chance

My friend and heavyweight contender Terry Smith will finally get a chance to prove himself as he will now be the opponent for Calvin Brock on NBC.
I will call Terry tomorrow to get the details.

what the hell happened to Dokiwari? I was looking forward to that fight.

Dokiwari turned it down from what I understand



Is this guy any good? I've never heard of him. What are his credentials?

Terry has been wanting to step up for a while but no one was willing to face him. He is too big of a risk with not of award. He is undefeated as a pro and has been on of the main sparring partners for James Toney in Toney's last two camps.
Terry can fight from the outside and since working wiht Toney has developed a solid inside game and has really improved in with his work to the body scoring two knockouts in his last two fights as the result of body shots.
Toney has a lot of confidence in Terry, so much that when Toney was forced to pull out of the fight with McCline he attempted to get Terry the McCline fight but they wanted no part of it.
This should be very interesting.