Tetsuya Kawajiri highlight video

Krikit's new highlight fet. Kawajiri's TKO of Amazon Sugie, Decision of Yves Edwards, KO of Takumi (KOTC Champ) KO of Ryan Bow, TKO of Shaolin, and others.

make sure you check it out.


Damn! That man is sick . . . thanks for the link


Yep, it's Electric Circus by Thee Elephant Michelle Gun. Guy at my office is a big fan of them.

Kawajiri is very very tough.

He's a very good wrestler, has very heavy hands both standing and on the ground. And also has very food submissions.

TTT for Kawajiri the no.1 ranked 155'er.

The vid is for registered users only. Thanks for nothing!

it takes about 10 seconds to register at subfighter


Boutreview says he wants to represent Shooto in other shows so it looks like he might be headed to PRIDE.

Kawajiri and TMGE, an opportunity I couldn't pass up so I signed up.

Cool highlight. Great sprawl and his upper body is just made for punching.