Thaiguy spotted

Thaiguy spotted...he is tm a black belt . Phone Post 3.0

Where? Phone Post 3.0

tmablackbelt Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha yesss!!! I was just thinking this before I spotted this thread Phone Post 3.0

WoodTouchedMyDong - tmablackbelt Phone Post 3.0
Maybe. Idk. I asked him. Lets give the benefit of the doubt. Phone Post 3.0

No benefit of the doubt. TMABlackbelt is 100% Thiaguy and like Thiaguy hasn't challenged accusations against him.

"Remember, Shogun . . . IS SHOGUN!!!"

"I don't like OSP, so the win doesn't count"

*pouts like a 10 year old girl*

-Thiaguy a.k.a TMABlackBelt a.k.a Shoguns underwear thief a.k.a. the guy that the guys in the assless chaps call "The gayest guy on earth"

How old do you think he is?
I can't work out if he is playing a troll angle or if he really does have a sad obsession with Rua.
Either way, he's like Jason. No matter how many times you think he's been killed, he keeps coming back. Phone Post 3.0

Is this some kind of a tribute thread?

Megatherium - Is this some kind of a tribute thread?

This is just a tribute to the greatest Shogun nuthugger in the world.
Couldn't remember the greatest Shogun nuthugger's various screen names, oh no, this is just a tribute.

Here he is with BJ and Uriah. Good training!! I need an I'm Thai Guy shirt!

Phone Post 3.0

His incessant rabid nuthugging jinxed shogun and caused him to get ko'd!!! Phone Post

It's fucking sad Phone Post 3.0

Yes! It's been too long lol, miss that guy. Phone Post 3.0