Thales Leites is tough as hell


illegal knee to the face that has him out and stumbling like a drunk.

doesn't even want to take time to rest and clear his head.

doctor asks any question: answer: "yes, i'm fine."

piledriver that doesn't even faze him.

takes some bombs and keeps coming.

impressive as hell.

Not really news, Leites has always been caveman-tough.  Love watching this guy fight.

I know it's well known, but I'm impressed every time. Amazing to watch.

Thales comes up and trains at Arizona Combat Sports when he has a fight (but he is from Nova Uniao and Andre P), and for this one he was here for 1 month. I can tell you he is one of the TOUGHEST guys physicaly and mentally. You just can't break him.

Remember, he asked for this fight with Nathan (who we believe is one of the toughest fights at 185). He could have gotten an easier opponent but he wants the tough fights.

He comes in after hard training days with our guys and just smiles. If he happens to get beat up or pushed really hard he just smiles and says "that's training", when all the other guys get frustrated and throw temper tantrums. He has a confidence (ZEN like quality) that every fighter should have but most do not.
You just cannot break him mentally!

Thales gets his Sponsors from LG Sports Marketing.
Thanks, to MTX Audio for Sponsoring such a great fighter!

nice post, Todd. I really admire his fighting spirit. I'd love to train with him. Does he ever visit florida?

Didn't Kampman hit him with like 1000 punches in a row, and barely faze him?


 hes tougher than shit but i feel he still shouldve lost the decision even with the two point deductions from nate. that was a great fight.

he won the first round without question. knock down and mount. lost 2nd for sure. third he won or it was even. should have been unanimous decision.

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