Thank 60 Minutes Here!

The UG has always been successful at overwhelming media groups with negative feedback who put out sensationalised stories on MMA. Well, I think it's equally as important to overwhelm a media group with positive feedback when they put out an accurate story on MMA.

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Thanks guys. Please help keep this TTT for a bit.

I was pleasantly surprised. Dana White sounded very good and actually made a great point

ttt awesome rep for MMA

I was immpressed with the entire piece. It was refreshing to see the news do some homework on MMA for a change. :)

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Working on an email now, but I have to say that the website wouldn't let me sign up because I didn't provide a 10-digit phone number... which is f-ing stupid because there's no tab to fill in phone number. lol

good segment. good enough that my wife actually stayed in the room during the segment. anything MMA/UFC comes on the TV, she would normally leave the room. nice job by "60 min"


ttt, and bravo for 60 minutes. (even if BLAF did still take more credit than he's due)


more clips



Great Journalism!!!!


ttt.... great news today about the ratings and online response