Thank you Daron Cruikshank!!

Amazing performance tonight!! Thanks for always being so exciting and always leaving it in the cage.

Thanks being a huge Live To Fight supporter! You and Anger MMA are the best.

Thanks for donating a ticket to your fight tonight to a UGer who donated to our charity.

WAR CRUIKSHANK!! Phone Post 3.0

Win or lose who wouldn't wanna watch a Cruikshank fight. Dude is a badass Phone Post 3.0

Signed! Phone Post 3.0

I like the guy. Fun to watch, good attitude.

Beep Phone Post 3.0

Aw yeah Detroit superstar is bringing that thunder,NEXT! Phone Post 3.0

VU for the detroit superstar! Phone Post 3.0

:) Phone Post 3.0

War Cruikshank.. Love watching him kick peoples heads off. Great fighter and a all around good guy.

The kid is good. Phone Post 3.0