Thank You Shaolin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vitor
"Shaolin" Ribiero for coming to Montreal and giving a
great seminar at GAMMA. Great techniques on both the
Gi and No Gi days.

A surprise visit by Ivan Menjivar at the end of the
Sunday training showed how gracious two recent
combatants can be outside the ring as they chatted for
almost an hour.

A great guy and a great seminar. Thanks to all who
supported this event.

Hope to see some of you on April 5th at the BJJ Gi
tournament we are hosting at GAMMA.

Thank you for hosting him Sled Dog.

Awesome about Ivan coming to say hi, wish I had shown up on Sunday too now :)

Thanks Sled Dog for all that you do.

Shaolin is da man!!!

Awesome seminar, thanks Sled Dog!

Grizzly_Gym, cheers for partnering up for techs and stuff, much appreciated.