Thank you Shonie & Brian Gassaway

I would like to thank Shonie Carter and Brian Gassaway for coming to University of Illinois for our seminar. I'm sure everyone who participated would agree that we all learned a lot of sweet moves and had a great time.

I recommend everyone out there to organize a seminar with Shonie and Brian.

Brian is all class. Plus he beat William Knorr!

Many thanks to Mr. Carter and Mr. Gassaway!

First, I paid for a 4 hour seminar and they kept
teaching for 5 hours!!! We did throws and takedowns,
stand-up striking, and submissions. The moves are
technical and high percentage. We have all seen what
excellent competitors Shonie and Brian are but they are
also both excellent instructors. They were constantly
circulating correcting and helping folks out.

Second, they were fun and engaging, telling some great
stories and really relating to all the people
regardless of skill level. They even let us tape some
of the seminar, so that we'd have something to work

Lastly there was combat poetry, but you are going to
have to invite these fine gentlemen for your own
seminar to hear it! However, combat poetry will be the
fight science of the next decade -- get to know the
secrets now =D

We certainly plan to do another seminar in the future
for our club.


Thanks to Shonie and Brian, they gave one of the better seminars I have ever been to, simply becuase they show alot of good tachnique that will actually work. Plus Shonie's unique insight to martial arts adds some fun to the seminar. Looking forward to training with them again.

"Lastly there was combat poetry"

I've heard Shonie recite combat poetry myself....... it's beautiful.



There was a downside to the seminar: My brain is full
of cool techniques and strategies, which means I'm not
studying for my exams tomorrow! Shonie and Brian are
going to be responsible for me failing out of school
(which of course means that I'll have more time to
train =D).

Thanks again guys,


Are there any other takers on having brian and I do a seminar for them? email me at or 773-392-569? HA,HA,HA!



Hey Shonie and Brian - What's up?? Hey let me know if you guys are interested in coming out to the UK to do a seminar and give me the details. You can post it here or shoot me an e-mail at

Thanks Pierre Guillet, Fight Factory UK.

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