Thank You Showdown!!!

Just want to say that today was one of the first days that my Wife went out of the house that wasn't for something medically related. It was a beautiful day and my Wife came with me down to Showdown to watch me get my ass kicked.

The guys down there made her feel right at home and were super polite to her. She had nothing but nice stuff to say about you guys for the rest of the day.

It took a lot out of her to be out for so long without a rest but she loved the sun, meeting new people, and generally trying to get her life back.

I know it's just a small thing but it's the little things that count. Paul, Dan, Mike, Esfiha and others took a few moments out of their busy work to say hi and more. You guys made her feel special by being so nice. Thanx.

Truely class acts and great people. When we see so often people on slamming each other it's nice to know that there are people out there like this.

Gentlemen, a ttt 4 all of you guys!




Dougie, i am the one who should thank u.... Its very nice to know we can make your wife fell better!!!
You can count on me for anything i can do for u my friend!!!
Take care

Just keep on teaching me. Jiu Jitsu reminds me never to quit.

I will

A touching thread. TTT for Esfiha's words!
"Jiu Jitsu reminds me never to quit." TTT for Dougie's elevated understanding.

Wish I was there's great to hear she was able to get out and about.

I'll be visiting London at the end of the month, so hopefully I can see you both...:) Looking at April30/May01st bro.

I shall prepare the oatmeal.

lol you gotta love Dougie! Glad it was a great experience for your wife man, that's gotta help things.

She was the strongest in the room Dougie.

TTT for her and yourself

Yeah, well, she has a great guard. I can never seem to pass it.

...oh dear God don't tell her I said that. Ha ha ha!