Thank you Tim Shears and Cocoon/GB

was visiting vancouver from winnipeg for a week and Tim said no problem, you're our guest.

everyone was cool as hell! and that little japanese dude (su-kai or yukai? my spelling is way off, sorry) is a machine and super technical.

got two classes in, which kept the weight gain to under 10 lbs. with all the great vancouver food i was eating.

thanks again.


Thanks for coming by Ron. It was cool to roll with you again and you are right. Yusuke is a beast.

good guys and solid team atmosphere there.

bunch of free thinkers too because they didn't "unmercifully" beat the crap out of me like you instructed them to do wombat:)

Second that - GB van is a great gym with a good atmosphere. I was in town on business from NB and dropped in- the guys made me feel very welcome and the class was great.


Ron are they allowed to do lockdown there....

ha ha comment.

i need to develop other parts of my guard badly anyways.

" with all the great vancouver food i was eating"

we do have rice here Ron........

Next time i'm in Vancouver i'm coming by just to kill JEff.

Sounds like us flatlanders are treated really nicely down there! Rita had nothing but good things to say about you guys as well. I have to figure out a way to get out there and get demolished by Jeff for the billionth time.

Bring it on you snorkel monkey!

but you gotta try the malaysian fried rice (served in a hollowed out pineapple) at the banana leaf restaurant on west broadway - shazam!

I prefer the lemon-zested live-squirrel-on-a-bun at Senor Falafel's House of Fried Waffles and Refried Goose Shack. It's squirrel-i-rific!