I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys for your support over the last couple of years. Next month marks the second anniversary of the shop, and hopefully this year will be as good or better than the previous two.

Unless there's a recession...then I guess it probably won't be.

Anyways, as a way of saying thanks, if you purchase over $25 of merchandise you can take %15 off of your order until 2/20/08. Just enter the coupon code: allday at checkout.

Additionally, we no longer charge shipping on any of our products that are being shipped to the US or Canada.

I changed the format of the website around a little bit this past weekend. I added some new pics in the gallery and completely changed the layout.

Check it out

I added a video section with a few instructional videos from the UG's own Malachy Friedman. If anybody else would like their instructional videos on the site, let me know.

I'm not very good with website functionality, but hopefully there aren't any bugs...if you find a broken link or whatever, let me know.


You rock, Craig. No shipping charges?! Is that because you found out they didn't actually use ships?

Nahh...we've moved up to using FedDex Donkey Delivery service!


Mr. Quik, were you ever a member of Tito's board?

Thank you.

And how did you get my wife in a Genki Sudo shirt??!? :-)



keep the good stuff comin' all seriousness, i'll bet 3 out of every 5 t-shirts i wear in public are 62....awesome products


ttt for Six Deuce..good products, good prices, and great delivery

ttt for more pics of the chicks.. :)

SIX DUECE IS MY FAVORITE...  I will be ordering some T's and some fight shorts in the next week or so.

Keep up the good work....

Thanks guys! Here's another pic of Kirik's wife!


quality products, pretty much the only "mma" t shirts i wear-MM

ttt for quik

Damn, Kirik!



TTT for Quick and Kiriks wife... (more pics BTW)

PS, 62 has the fastest shipping and best service!


I just ordered:


This cap in grey:

and I used the allday code to save $7.


i just got my We Are All One shirt and it's awesome.