To Velocity, and the Guys From Eagle, and Rory Singer, thank you very much for helping me out while I was in town and training there. I'm in AWESOME shape, and I can't wait to get in there and face Ronald Jhun on the 16th!

good luck with Jhun

Good luck !

Rory told me you guys had great training. best of luck from what I hear you will beat dat ass.

Good luck


Good luck MayheM!

to the top for the loco moco!!!

Hey JASON how'd that shit go in atlanta ? good i hope....

I'm not posting from a prison computer, so, yea it went pretty good. Thanks all you heathens!!!


Good Luck Mayhem with Juhn.....

My pick....Mayhem by TKO

Hey Jayson,

Best of luck in training and your fight. I wish you well and hope everything goes to plan.

And I love that poster. I wanna get an autographed one from you.

gimme a shout @

PEACE, I'm out.