Thanks Dana for Bendo/Pettis 2!!!!!!!!

Thanks for giving the fight the fans want to see and not giving in to the 10-20% who thought Frankie won. Bendo's first title defense as a immediate rematch of Edgar would've been a colossal travesty and great buzz kill. After 2 years of congestion and clog at Lightweight and only Edgar ever fighting 2 fucking guys in his almost 2 years of being champ (Jones fought 3 guys in title fights in 1 year) thank you from the bitter bottom of my poopy heart for de-shit staining the Lightweight title belt with less useless immediate rematches. Phone Post

Yeah! Phone Post

I'm very happy about this fight.

agree with OP. Phone Post

 It's gonna be a blast, no doubt.

I hope it happens

Agreed Phone Post