Thanks Danny Ives

Just wanted to say thank you to Danny Ives who helped me out at Legigh Yesterday. He is an unbelievable teacher and a great guy. He even met somebody from the underground and trained them too. He never asked for a dollar. I learned alot and hope to train with him again.







ttt for Danny

never trained with Danny Ives, but my brother and another person I know did (your prolly trained with them at Lehigh infact). They both tell me Ives is a top notch martial artist.

ttt. can't wait for danny to get his sorry ass up to RSD.

Danny is amazing to roll with, he has come up to Cornell BJJ a few times and each time is an honor. Later

Joey Paladino

Danny is a GREAT guy and an even better teacher! Although, his skills with the ladies is not so great...



Hey bro. Its all good man, as long as you had good time and learned something too. Thats what its all about. Joe and danny are great guys hopefully we can do it again soon.

danny is as cool as they come

Danny is a great instructor, he can improve anyones game tremendously!

TTT for an excellent teacher


Lol I yeah Danny is good people.I wonder if he has any idea of "how much" he has "given away" in free privates during his time he probably could have retired by now....but I guess he prefers to store up good karma instead.