Thanks fighters!!!

I just wanted to thank all the fighters in this past
Sportfight in Reno.


Antonio Banuelos, Brandon Shuey, Billy Miles & Jeremy
Freitag, Tony Sanza, Adam Torres (Best medical
cooperation), Santino Genaro, Dennis Hallman & Brad
Blackburn, Mike Seal (Funniest), Sean Sherk,Brody
Farber, Jeremy Horn and Matt Horwich & Chael Sonnen.

All these guys were very good to work with and the
commission loved them.

Thanks guys!!!

I would love to have you all back at one time or

Until Oct. 23 Sportfight!!!


yea - whats going on with the possable Sherk-Penn bout??


TTT for Sportfight, Reno was a fun place that weekend.

TTT for more Reno shows with the quality of the last one. Maybe try to get a few fighters that go the distance....haha j/k

Congrats to Jeremy Horn in his win, and stepping in on short notice. Chael is a tough guy, and has solid wrestling. TTT for both guys.