Thanks for coming out this weekend

 sorry about my performance for everyone that came out.  congrats to calvin and all the other fighters that won.

thanks for everyone who came and watched online, will be in better shape next time.  thanks to all my trainers and training partners, bombsquad, jon jones, tokey hill, brian ebersole and whoever else.


Hey Andrew, I was the referee for that fight and you have nothing to apologize for. You went the distance with Calvin and, according to the judges, won some rounds against one of the best fighters in the northeast. I don't think anyone has done that yet. You and Calvin put on a fantastic main event that will not be soon forgotten by those who watched. As I stated in the rules meeting, that was the last fight under the "old" NH rules. From here on in it is "unified" rules for experienced pros like you and Calvin Kattar. We hope to see you in Mass or NH again soon. Best of Luck!

Kevin the ref

 thanks kev.

 Keep your head up bro.

 trying to