Thanks for the shot Warriors Realm

Thanks to Shane, Leisa, Wayne and the entire Warriors Realm team who
put on another top show and gave me a fight against a tough international.

I am sorry that I didnt hang in there long enough to deem a fun fight,
I made some silly mistakes against a very skilled and nice guy in
Hiroki Ozaki who defeated me absolutely.

It was a good night. Brad looked good against a brave lad who hopped in
for his first time on a day or so notice against a top athelete. I can't wait to
have Brad tap me out again when he gets his ass back down here in SA.

Adrian faced a very game and talented warrior, who was the better athlete
on the night. Adrian like the entire IMA team conducted himself with a professionalism
that only elevates the sport and themselves as top competitors. I know Adrian will be
back in form again soon.

Kyle just looked scarey, he took out a very game Samo Hung looking opponent.

I had a great time. For me the best part of fighting is meeting the fighters and
seeing the true characters of this sport back stage as they face there inner demons
and walk out to that arena alone.

I had a good time. Thanks again and sorry I got my ass kicked.

Kym Robinson

With the sportsmenship you show, you are a credit to mma Kym!

Sorry to hear about the loss mate!

Brad Morris

Fighters like u guy's including u Brad, make me proud to b a mma fan. Full of respect and gentelman of the sport.

mmafun, I coudln't have said it any beter.

You put it on the line, that's what counts.  Congrats on stepping up.