Thanks for the support

Even in the rawest of combat sports, its not a one man show.

I had very extensive preparation for the Cage Fury show last night between training with other fighters at Team Endgame and being coached at AMA in Whippany.

While Im not thrilled with my performance, I got some much needed experience and was forced to work through a competitive fight that went the distance. My opponent was professional and was there to win and hopefully it was an enjoyable fight for what looked to me to be a packed house. Its my opinion that both of us were trying to finish the fight using our strengths but sometimes it's just doesnt happen and trying to force it can backfire. I think 3x3 minute rounds is great for maximizing action and keeping the fight moving at a good pace for the fighters and the fans.

I got on this card relatively late by calling the show myself and I am grateful for the opportunity Cage Fury gave me.

I also must thank Wiggy from as well as who are the first real sponsors Ive ever had.

-Jonathan Helwig


Helwig, you looked great. Nice knees in the clinch, and you looked very smooth fighting from your guard. You hurt him once in the 1st, and if the second round was a few seconds longer it wouldnt have gone the distance.

Here is some love from the OG.

CONGRATULATIONS, Jon! BTW, who is coaching at AMA?


Yo.. Glenn...Jamie Cruz and James Meals are coaching at AMA.

AMA has Mike Constantino, Jamie Cruz, and James Meals as far as I know.

The big difference is that the fighters are treated PHENOMINAL there. They treat you like a professional. The business aspect of the gym is managed and separate from the guys who are competing which is awesome and allows for great focus and attention on getting the best result possible.

Theres something for everyone no matter what your goals are.

Great Fight HELWIG!!!!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter basket & had a great time at the fights!!! You showed great heart & determination & looked like a man possesed. You had in in your head that you were NOT going to lose that fight & it showed. You can not teach heart & that you have. The other things can always be fine tuned. Let's take it to the next level now that you showed everyone that you belong in the big shows!!!

Mike Constantino


Rumor has it that Helwig wore a Gi...apparently there is photographic evidence of it!

Yeah, Helwig is a Gi guy now. I hear he is all about the spider guard.