thanks guys...

i made it through the night :)

thanks to all who had a helping word.

i wasnt trolling, just nervous.

and i new someone on the ug/og would read it and be here to help always has in the past.

good to hear

be more careful next time

Your thread reminded me of teenage kids getting on forums asking how to get rid of a high because they are paranoid as a fuck haha.

Glad you are ok and think twice before you get silly off that pilly again.

Wha Happened?

LOL - I'm intrigued, what didst thou ingest?

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^^^ Hahaha oh god.."I think we are dead"


best 911 call ever. thanks.

YoungGunABKJ -- glad you're not dead

YoungGunABKJ was prolly the cop who called in haha

time is moving really really really slow