Thanks KOTC

I just wanted to thank Keith and Ken for putting on a great show and having me fight on their card. It was good to get back in the ring after a long time off. You guys put on a great show and made life easy for the fighters.

Also thanks to Lee Mein, Jordan Mein and Justin Tavernini for getting me ready for this fight and cornering for me. And all the guys at the Canadian Martial Arts Center for kicking the crap out of me for the last 5 weeks. It was awesome to see so many people come up from Lethbridge to watch the fights, there must have been at least 60 or more that made the trip.

Congratulations on your win.

I am sad that you were so sportsman like and let go of the choke. At which point was he pulling your hair?

The fight is a little blurry still in my head but I think it was when I was taking his back from my guard that he grabbed my hair. It was definately intentional to stop me from moving to his back, then he raked my face when he let go. I talked to him after and he appologized but said we where even for me kneeing him in the head. That was my bad I guess I should have made sure I knew the rules better

Congrats on the win Jay, didn't get a chance to see you, well fought!


thanks chad, I thought you might have been there but I didnt see ya. I was a little too relaxed on the ground at first but it worked out in the end. Are you still training? I will be up in Calgary training a couple times in Decmeber and January if you feel like getting together.

Ya I'm training quite a bit Jay, injured right now so it's restricting me to only certain things. Talk to you later.