Thanks Liborio from BTT Canada

BTT Canada would like to thank Riccardo "Liborio"
for inviting us to participate in the OSWI III. We had
a lot of fun and doing ok make the drive down
seem less long.
People got to see why George St Pierre is so
dominating in MMA. Those who talked to him got to
see what an incredibly nice guy he is as well.
David Aguzzi shows every time out that he has
improved, and Wade Shanley showed that he can
put on some moves even when called upon at the
last minute.

Congratiulations to all the participants, you win by
being there.

Thanks again.

BTT Canada, Fabio Holanda, Philip Gelinas

Phillip, once again thank you for helping me out with the event! It is always a pleasure dealing with you! You have helped me out with my three events bringing down fighters all the way from Montreal! Like I said before, it has always been easy to deal with you and I am proud to say that I can and I respect you a great deal! I know I can always count on you or members from your team to not beat around the bush and give me straight answers, and in this game that is very important!
Thanx again to you Sir.
Riccardo BALEIA Ammendolia

P.S.- I think I am gonna have to change my screen name! Ricardo Liborio from ATT is gonna be getting alot of credit for my event! LOL

Thanks for letting me compete Rick, it was a honor once again.

David Aguzzi

Thanks for the opportunity Rick. It was a great event.

Wade Shanley
Ronin/Gamma/BTT Canada

Congrats to the BTT Canada team!

Hey Aguzzi, dont forget you owe me 15 bucks! Just kiddin! Consider it a tip for a job well done yesturday!

I hope to see you at the 2005 Canadian Pro-Am of Grappling!

congratulations Wade, George and Aguzzi

you guys rocked the house.



Congrats Guys! Way to represent.


Ronin MMA

BTT Canada


COngrats once again to the competitors for making the event historic!