Thanks Michael!

just wanting to say thanks for the advice on the chiropractor you gave me about a month ago. Have been going to a really great one for the past 3 weeks and I am now almost back to 100%! Def sold on chiropracty now!

I'm glad that it worked out well for you. A good chiropractor can be so valuable to people who do martial arts.

I'm only 31, but I seemed to be constantly plagued with injuries. I'm actually thinking about some sort of plan, besides chiro adjustments, that will allow to me improve in my BJJ as much as possible and minimalize my chances of getting injured. I never needed to think about this stuff when I was 18. :)

Mike, then my recommendation is Yoga. Good workout, stretches out everything as well. I was doing this as well as judo during the summer and I was feeling damn good. Now with school being in the way no time for it, and now I feel some of the effects. :(

Yeah, I'm not just talking about stretching, strength training, etc..., but I am also referring to what I am doing during my BJJ training time.

But, yes, I know yoga would help. I just need to get off my lazy ass and stretch!

uhmmmmmm, resistance drills then perhaps? ie Rolling at 25%, then 50% and so forth and then going down to no resistance? Thats what me and some people in my judo school have started to do on our throws, we still get a workout, improve technique, and don't get as banged up.

31, pffft! Youngin'! :)