Thanks NOGI That was great

just wanted to thank you and budovideo's with your own thank you thread,that was great.well done

agreed. thanks very much. guys rock!

Dammit! I missed it. But, yeah thanks, that is awesome. Coulda shot me a text though...

agreed, it was awesome... definitely made me a customer

for sure

I wondered how the live feed was.. I was there..some awesome matches.. A great day overall...

 Awesome feed and all for free.  You guys did a great thing for the sport.  Im sure potential sponsors of these types of events took notice of the quality and the ample plugs for sponsors.  Thanks again.

the immigration lawyer sponsor was hilarious though...

I heard so much good about this but was at the farm all day and couldn't watch any of it. Any chance of seeing it elsewhere? I was getting text updating me, but not the same.

I heard it will be replayed on

It was great except for a few glitches with the feed cutting out from time to time that I'm sure will be fixed in the future. Thanks NoGi.

Agreed. Thanks Budovideos and NoGi. The high quality of the production was amazing considering it was a full day of free live streaming video. That's how it's done!

"Good for the sport"

Big step in covering the sport we love... instead of all of us sitting on message boards waiting for text updates.

excellent for the sport


TTT for Nogi!

I'm bummed I missed the bulk of it, but I did catch that crazy throw between the Checkmat guy vs the Barra guy. The Flannery and Williams commentary was GOLD! "Wait, what are we watching?"

Is there going to be a replay?