Thanks Royce

Hey Royce - Competition for apartments is real tough here. I got rejected 10 times. I went to look at a brand new one, and right off the bat, the landlord says "You got 12 more people in line to get it, so don't get your hopes up." So I'm looking around the place. He sees my karate shirt and tells me he used to box like 100 years ago or something. Then he's like "You know what's cool though? This UFC stuff!" He talks about it for 5 minutes. "This guy Royce, he was the man, he beat this Irish guy Shamrock", he says. I let him talk for 5 more minutes, then I say "Yeah, I've been training with Royce for 3 years." He says "Here's the lease, you're in. And I'll throw in a brand new fridge." True story.

Thanks for the sweet new apartment Royce.

Charlie from CT

see, lunch is on you

I'd try that, but I'm not sure anyone in Tasmania would know who I was talking about, unfortunately :(