Thanks to Cam(Orion)/Team Praxis!

Had the pleasure of Training with Cam McHargue and Mathew Corsey of Team Praxis in Griffin Ga last Friday and got some great training in.

I really hope Cam gets some bigger fights at 170 in the near future because I think he should be recognized up there already at top prospects for 170 but where we live recognition seems hard to come by.

Keep an eye out for big things in '05 from Cam and team Praxis.

Hey, bro, I had a great time and I hope you can start making it regularly. You bring a lot of skills to the table and I know all our guys would love to have you as a regular training partner!!



Cam is the best unknown 170'er in the usa.

ttt for stuvelo

cam is a great guy and a awsome fighter
tim stout