Thanks to Mighty Quinn

I would just like to take a minute to thank Quinn for everything he did to keep the Gomez Acad. open.

Just remember Quinn, if you would have not done all that you did, a whole lot of people would have left the bjj sport. You kept a lot of people in the sport.

You have been in the game to long. Dont give it up.

Look forward to training with you in the future.

THANKS!!!!! it was my pleasure to help us all keep bjj alive!!! i would also like to thank all who stayed on board and pitched in!!!! it was all of you who kept it open...not me..... and i feel very lucky to have been in the possision i was in!!! i learned a ton!!! just not how to spell!LOL!!

p.s. who are you?? and thanx8o)

sorry about that


lol!! i thought so!!! training still good??

tell everyone i said hello!!!!