Thanks to Mike Swain

I don't know if he ever sees this site, but as this past weekends California Junior State Championships, Mike was there with his wife and kids, and was coaching some other players as well. (FYI, his daughter, who is a real cutie, took second place in her pool.)

Anyway, I repeatedly bothered Mike to take pictures with some of the kids from our club (Fresno Judo), and he was very gracious every time. He even took time to talk with one of our little guys who won his division for a few minutes. I know that some of the little kids didn't really know who Mike is, but I figured when they get a bit older, they'll appreciate having a picture with a former World Champion. You don't run into one of them every day.

Thanks Mike.

That's cool.

that's nice..thanks for sharing that, it is what judo is about..way to go swain

i remember being 12 and going to a clinic he did in chicago. i was his uke for Ouchi gari. never thought it'd be possible to be thrown that hard with a foot technique.

after he gave me a free autographed poster and took a picture with me.

im sure there are a hundred people out there who have similar stories, which is a great thing. he is very giving of his time and easily the most approachable, non-contentious person imaginable.

Josh - Did Swain remember you from age 12 when you
came to San Jose?