Thanks to the SUAF Guys!

Just got back from Vernon where I spent Sat night with Jayson D and Les Dickens along with Chris Brennan and his guys, Bill Mahood and Bruno, Big Pappa Schnakke (sp?) and of course..Buttercup.

A night of fights would have been better but these guys didn't let that get them down. Everyone was still in a pretty good mood and Jay and I got a chance to talk about what had happened and what could possibly happen in the future for not only the BC MMA scene but the Canadian MMA scene.

If things go right this could turn out to be a very good thing for all of us.

Thanks for all your hospitality guys and I hope to see you guys at the UGC show Dec 20th where Jayson StLouis will be fighting.

Gord Taylor

At least you went...:) I can't wait to get out there.

All the best Gord...I spoke to Jason earlier tonight. Hopefully will see you soon.

Hey Joe,

Just talked to Jay he said you gave him some great info, thanks for your help. I'm trying real hard to not find a job so I can make it out to the next UGC. Hope to see you there as we have much to discuss. I'm hoping the SUAF guys can make it also.