Thanks UG

I appreciate all the support from the UG. The game plan went perfect from start to finish... Just took a little longer than expected to get going.

Jamie is super tough and while I had a bunch of people say they didn't like him, he was super cool with me before/during/after the fight.

I'm definitely a Jamie Varner fan! Phone Post

Grats! You were awesome!

I loVe u! showing point fighters everywhere how to fucking scrap! Phone Post

Great fight. Congrats man Phone Post


I had you down in the 3rd and 1 rnd each going into the 3rd..

AMAZING finish... way to stay in it!

Incredible fight by both of you. Do you think he might have been playing possum a bit? Rogan was going off about how tired Varner was, but then he'd explode with big punches or that big double leg.

Great job Joe! Any special plans with your new OTN bonuses? Phone Post

You're a warrior Joe. Congrats. Phone Post

Way to go Joe!  

Congrats to Varner too.  His gameness, heart, and attitude really changed my opinion of him.

great fight, creepy joe. pic of celebratory 30 in n out boxes?

Congrats Phone Post

War!!! Joe!!!! Phone Post

Always comes to fight! Phone Post


I was there live Joe awesome fight definitely a huge win for you congrats. Phone Post

Fo sho! Phone Post


What a fight!!! Thanks Joe! Phone Post

 great fight and congrats on the bonuses