Thanks you guys...

I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends on here over all these years who are cool. (even any haters) Thank you. I want nothing but the best for everyone to fullfill thier dreams in life whether it be MMA goals ect.. Put your mind to something with discpline and focus and you can accomplish anything you want! I truly believe this. I love seeing people succeed, and being happy. This place can really be a fun a cool place. Let's everyone focus and try our best to keep it this way, and strive to improve to be positive on here. We are all in this together, and life is a bitch, and only the strong survive! I respect all the fans and the real people. Peace, Jason Reinhardt (MFS)

Reinhardt your the man bro!

Sup dude !

cool guys. Let me say this though.. Nobody should mistake kindness for weakness. just in general. I just love good honest people who keep it real. I have enjoyed this place for years and like coming on here. I don't play video games, or really have much of a hobby, except fishing. (i suck at golf) LOL.. So i like the underground. I admit this. As long as the Underground doesn't get you away from focusing on what's the # 1 priority which is training it's all good, and fun on here. I'm sure many would agree. Many times i get bummed out when guys forget about all the accompishments, sacrifices, and hard work famous fighters put in, and lose one fight, and then the trash talking starts. Not just MFS guys, but all the WARRIORS from all gyms!! Sometimes fans can be very fickle, but on the other hand they purchase the tickets, and i respect that. Sometimes it seems people act as if your only as good as your last fight. I just hate to see this, because this is the farthest from the truth. We are still somewhat of a small sport, and i just think we have something very unique and special, and i want MMA to stay special. I was around professional boxing for 6 years (business side, as a "Second" (took an excellent heavy-weight prosect to 20-0 (in his corner for all 20 pro fights) and i saw all i needed to see, in that sport. Believe me. i could write a small book. Not as a boxing trainer, but a "Second" We went all over together. Childhood friend. Now he is 26-4, and older, but still pushing on. Let's keep MMA real and set our standards above the rest. Peace guys! I'm now heading to iowa in 10 min. To go train. This always puts me in the best mood possible. I get to see my friends and train. So the 3 hour drive makes it so worth it. Jason Reinhardt

so am i man. I made mistakes in the past.

Great posts Jason, for real.

I think one of the most important aspects in the growth of the sport and acceptence is keeping it as legit as possible.

good post jason how have ya been

you are the man.

You are too kind. I take that as a sign of weakness.

You = weak.

well jason you are as good a person as you are a trainer...with that being said all the guys would agree with me that having you around us and train us made all of us more disiplined fighters and people in the real world..stay strong in Iowa and show everybody what you are made of in the ring.....