Thanx Sherdog!

Just got some dvds I bought and they came pretty quick to Canada. No problems. Thanx for the goods. I just ordered again!


nothing but good service from SHerdog

I just ordered again recently and it came pretty quick.

Once, I ordered 60+ dollars worth of dvds, and it "disappeared".. They promptly reshipped, no problems.

Sherdog owns in this area.

Yeah, my stuff came to Canada asap. Less than 2 weeks. No border crap or anything.

Like I said, I just ordered again.

Sherdog is the man.

Sherdog is the best MMA store on the market bar none.

Whenever I but from them the service is awesome.

Here we go again!

This is ridiculous? How come all of Canada gets their packages so quick except me??? My postman must hate me.

sherdog does have great service

sherdog is the man...

his only flaw is his taste in football teams

Got my stuff in two days from Sherdog.

Sherdog is one of the few places that I have ordered from in the USA to Canada that i have had no problem with. In fact, I will order from them now instead of UFC.TV because they make it so easy.

UFC gets supported anyway.

ttt for Dougie and Sherdog.


Thanx Sam Pie!

Wow a complete thread of nice words......

Thanks for the business guys I try to get it to everyone as fast as I can. I don;t want anyone to have to wait for their stuff. But sometimes there are problems we cannot control and as they say shit happens.

Glad everyone on here got their stuff nice and fast that is my goal.

Now we will wait for the guy to come along and bash me but he will have no order number or any info but swear he has sent me ten emails and I never answered them......

thanks for the support guys.