that's the reason Bobby kept Manny away from FMJ

PhallicObjekt - 

Ya because jmm managed to have success using it on his FOURTH fight with the guy.

I don't want to say jmm is on the gear hut he must have been eating a lot of horse meat. It was like the minireem in there tonight.

I'm sorry I don't want to say that Floyd wouldn't beat Manny but saying that because jmm did it that means Floyd would have is just silly.

This was the fourth time these guys fought. Pros at that level who can't beat a guy after a fourth attempt need to reevaluate their career. Manny was silly to take this fight. Phone Post


Pac was heavier. Marquez was nowhere close to large. In fact, he looked smaller than their third fight.

Barry_BondsMVP -

of course we will never see it...I always felt Pacquiao would of been destroyed if he ever fought FMJ, JMM used his counter punching and feints perfectly, lured Pacquiao right in to that short right hand, beautiful boxing.

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