The 5 Most Important de la Riva Guard Techniques

Ricardo De la Riva is on the cutting edge of BJJ, and could show you fancy techniques until your brain ached and you begged for mercy.

So when I trained with him a while ago I had a seemingly strange question. I asked "what are the five most techniques techniques from the de la Riva Guard?" (I figured that this would be a great starting point for dissecting his elaborate and effective guard game.)

He kindly showed me his fundamental 5 moves. And then he let me photograph these techniques, step by step, and put them online.

So here are five most important de la Riva guard techniques, as taught by the man himself!

The 5 Fundamental Techniques from de la Riva's Guard


Stephan Kesting 

nice. de la riva is a master.


Taking the back should be also in the list for pure awesomeness in case you actually pull it off:D

Nice! But no tripod sweep?

Awesome, hadn't seen that last one!

That's great. Thanks.

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Cool topic Stephen!

I play a lot of DLR guard and I'd say that the helicopter sweep and the basic leg cut if he shifts his weight back are also big parts of that game.

I watch a lot of BJJ instructional clips on Youtube and let me tell you: he's doing those moves wrong. All wrong.

 That dude seems to have a real good jello guard.


Jello Guard - that was Carlson's name for the de la Riva position, wasn't it?

I should know, having trained with both people, but I never asked...





TTT for de la Riva

Stephan Kesting - Jello Guard - that was Carlson's name for the de la Riva position, wasn't it?


 Heehee, yup. If you snag the book he put out, he shows some Jello Guard/De La Riva basics. I train with dudes who trained with Senior and he'd remind them "I'm the one who taught De La Riva ze De La Riva guard, you know."