The Best Anderson Silva Highlight

 I'm trying to show some of my friends, who are very green to MMA, just how bad ass Anderson is.  Please Post!

leben fight
forrest fight
vitor fight
Fryklund fight

 highlight please! ttt

here's a solid one that's different than the typical metal/rap fare...

 thanx brian, that one was solid

no fighter I would rather watch!

check the gifs thread

that one sucks just like 99 percent of the videos posted here....nobody wants to see 90 seconds of training, ring entrances or playing with kids.....this video should have started at 1:17....and it would be solid.

Well I agree that there's typically a lot of wasted time in HL's but at least with the 'intro' of this one you learn more about him, where he's from, etc. Aesthetically that kind of stuff is much more valuable than a two minute slo-mo ring entrance montage LOL

Awesome video... Thanks Brian