The Best Gringo In Brazil

Little Blurb on Josh Ripping it up in Brazil. The two other Gringos beside Josh is his Dad and AJ.

Congrats Josh


Gracie Barra Black Belt and just plain nice guy Josh Russell will be teaching BJJ classes at Arashi-DO Red Deer for a couple of weeks.
We have a class this thursday (Dec 30th) at 8:00pm. Usually classes are Tue and Thu at 7:00 pm.

For more info call us @ 403 346-1812.

Take this oppurtunity to come and train with Canada's newest Black belt.


i never hear dof him but he must have crazy game if he got a barra gracie black belt in less than 4 years!!! what type of game does he play? what weight?

Josh weighs 165lb right now. His game with the gi is ridiculous. Trying to pass his guard was like rolling with an octopus while standing on a beach ball.

After the inevitable sweep he's got so much offence going it's takes me a moment just to register how much trouble I'm actually in.(OH wait he's got my arm and a choke and probably 2 or 3 other attacks cued up)

In Brazil he's gained a rep for having an OFFENSIVE turtle position.

Maybe Josh could come on and explain his game and training a little more I'll talk to him tonight and see if I can get him online again.


Hey fellas, I'll be home on Monday and I look forward to getting back to the norm.

Gary, how is everyone doing? I trust the BJJ class is enjoying Miz and his Octopus Beachball, well, leave me some room in the sand box, I'm comming home!

Miss you all and give my best to the gang.