The biggest problem with TUF2

Every commercial break, they are showing snipits of the show they are airing, and it ultimately gives away the result of the fight. For instance tonight they show the clip of Sammy getting rocked, the KO happened 10 seconds later. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what the end result is based on the commercials alone.

SO if ZUFFA wants to get pissed about "spoilers" then perhaps they should fire the producer of the commercials. This has happened on every episode so far, either in the commercial or in the preview for the next episode.

I wouldn't call it the BIGGEST problem.  hehe.  I see your point though.  It keeps the average viewer from changing the channel though since they know they got some big action on the way.


big action lead ups are great, but giving away the outcome to EVERY fight is simply unacceptable.

"And I knew there would be a KO because of the fact that the match started at 11:47 which meant it wouldn't go to the Judges"

That's why I cover my clock during each episode. :)

"That's why I cover my clock during each episode. :) "

I do the same thing!  It's a must IMO.  I do that when I'm watching poker too, lol.


Not to mention Luke was on CNBC with Dana and friends a couple weeks ago. Pretty obvious he had made it to the finals don't you think?

they are fucking idiots.

didn't see that CNBC broadcast. IF so that is fucking crazy for Dana to rant about spoilers.

they tried to do the right thing for the fans and stop with the "characters" and put in more established fighters. But it didn't quite work, you need the 50/50 blend. Comic relief, the crazy housemate, the driven athlete and the journeyman. All the talent this year, and injuries and bad matchups shot it to shit. That and the product placement every 5 minutes.

Biggest Problem = they still don't show enough training.

Biggest Problem = One fighter making it to the semi-finals without a fight, while another had to fight twice to get there.

Biggest Problem = Listening to people complain about a free tv show over and over and over and over.

its just retarded to keep giving away results .

"The biggest problem with TUF2 is that it's really boring!"

You obviously didn't see last night's episode. Every TV show, every sport has its boring episodes or even strings of episodes and TUF2 is no different. But they have built up to a great set of semi-finals and last night's episode was first-rate IMO. THe fight was better than most of the PRIDE fights I paid 30 bucks for.

I don't think it's boring at all. Sure it's not as lively as the cast last year, but I think they went with ALL fighters this time, well with the exception of Eli. But they didn't try to throw in "characters" this year, and it was obvious.