The biggest UG event EVA!!

In all the years I've been on here, I can't remember when I've seen this
forum dominated by one fight like this before. This has gotten more
reaction than if Rickson came out of retirement to fight Cro Cop.

Gannon Vs. Kimbo will go down in history.

not if one of the greennamers that posts here fought rickson

but yeah, it got me hyped(and I didn't even like the kimbo bs before)

i never read 1 kimbo thread till the day before the fight, and then i realized they were fighting. had a couple members give me the run down and it is definately one of the cooler things to happen

The Stuff legends are made of.

Yeah, lets do it and get thrown off cable again.

That's it, I'm making it happen.

This is definately the biggest UG event to date. By fucking far...nothing comes close. Kimbo was (and will remain) a Boogyman character around here, and to have one of our own persue the opportunity to fight that motherfucker...and to have it put together by people here...un-fucking-believeable. Another reason why being a part of this sport & community is fucking sweet...where else do you see shit like this go down? Only at folks, only at MMA dot fucking TEE VEE!



"I would spread like wild fire"

Who are you, Jenna Jameson?(j/k)
Sorry man I couldn't resist.

saucy just had to come on this thread hating

I agree with Redneck.

It was a big event. Makes me wonder what will be the next one to make this place go into a feeding frenzy

guys, it's basically just getting background on fighters and making stories behind them...(ala kimbo/gannon...would most of you give a shit if you didn't know the background?)

the UFC is shit at this

stories interest people, the fights are the climax

I don't know why the UFC doesn't do that, it's weird

This is like the street version of Ali vs. Frazier. They should have a reunion like every 5 years and talk a whole mess of shit, even though we know they respect each other like crazy. I'm just fortunate enough to have been one of the regulars on the UG to watch all this unfold. Crazy shit.

"i never read 1 kimbo thread till the day before the fight"

I dont even know what to say to that.

2005 can't come soon enough.

Saucy, please don't go Ryan Bennett on Joe Rogan.

This whole thing is just nuts..I love it!

You know what made this fight cool to me? That as the fight starts, you know that somebody there is going to end up on their ass. Its not like the fight might end up to the judges.

That is the original appeal the UFC had. The spectators there feel the excitement as each fighter is trying to finish each other, not get the W.

To me, the fight was very entertaining. That, and both fighters were very game, both came to fight. Most of the credit belongs to the performances of both fighters.

And to those talking about gas... its bare knuckle boxing with no rounds in between, anything over 10 minutes is a very long time. These guys worked the whole time and are big heavyweights too.

I thought the fight definitely lived up to the hype.

its looks like it is unanimous, well, all but 1!

"Saucy, please don't go Ryan Bennett on Joe Rogan."

Koma, I thought you knew me, that hurts.

That fight was just brutal.
I feel that the fight should've been over much earlier.
Kimbo's crew didn't have much concern for him in the end. Bastards.

Both Gannon and Kimbo are both tough as nails.

shit... I had guys on my msn messenger list sending me links to the fight today and they had no idea who either guy were.

When I explained to them who each guy was and how it was this site that basically was the catalyst and how it was in the works for a couple of months, they couldn't believe it.

Personally, I had at least 5 of my buds who came to check out today, and it was because of that fight