The biggest winner of UFC 177 has to be...

Tj dillashaw. I mean taking a fight on 24 hours notice and putting your belt on the line infront of your bus loads of
Family. I know it was a prelim fighter he was up against but his entire style he trained for was to capitalize on renans openings and slight weaknesses.

I don't know much about what numbers are good but they say the gate of 700k was good and higher then anticipated. They only had 150 refunds after the main event change to this 7 fight one top ten fighter card and the reason being
Tj dillashaw.

He showed he will fight anyone anytime and also carried a entire card. It's nice
To see a tuf fighter become champ so
The people that bag on the show all the time can stfu. Phone Post 3.0

I'd say it's Mr. Soto Phone Post 3.0

Joe soto

Dilla shaw looked very beatable.

I think his stock dropped

Scott Coker?