The Bite...

I've seen a lot of threads on guys going back and forth over "dirty" tactics (biting, throat strikes) being fight-enders/deciders. Not gonna solve anything, but I figured i'd just share a story.

My sparring buddy's younger brother is a JV football player at his high school. He apparently jawed some two Senior varsity players at a party and for whatever reason found himself taking them both on at once. Untrained, it wasn't long before one guy had him in a messy nelson and the other guy was slugging away at him.

Let me back up and say that my buddy's brother is untrained. He spars with us often, but never trains/drills his fight game. We stomp him around with relative ease.

In a pinch, he bit the guys arm that was holding him. The guy pulled up enough to give him a shot at his face. My buddy's brother bit the side of the guys cheek and sunk in.

The other guy stopped swinging and stood there for a second, then started yanking them apart. At this point, the flesh on the first kid's cheek had separated quite a bit and was bleeding out pretty nasty. The guy with the bite wound fell on his side and flopped around frantically, shouting something to the effect of "my fucking face".

The fight reduced to 1 on 1, my friend's brother hit a takedown from the sitting position, went to knee on belly, and pounded the other kid out. He took a few shots in the face, but in the end, emerged victorious in a 2 on 1 challenge.

I dont condone his instigation of a fight in public. I think he is often a dick, and undisciplined, but I admire his guts, and i'm proud to say he's got a wicked adrenaline rush in him.

Now I'm not so sure of some of you "hardened experts" who claim that bites cant decide fights. The unexpected is always a valuable tool in a no-rules situation.

on a 2on1 man. anything goes. biting, kicking in the nuts. anything. i wouldnt care if im fighting 2 guys lol

Hope the other guy didn't have hepatitis or something. But yeah, bites work good.

yeah man, but sometimes it doesn't go the way you planned. I had a time in a street fight when a guy bit the side of my face.
Before that point i did not feel like i was in danger of loosing my life, after that point i felt like the person i was fighting was prepared to go to seriously fucked up lengths to win. This made me react by loosing all sense of what i felt I was allowed to do in that situation... i bit 2 chunks out of his arm and neck and badly gouged him in the eyes about 3 times, probably doing permanent damage.

Had he not bit me it would have never escalated to that level, but being bitten brought out a real animal psychology to the fight.
So if you do it be aware you may be looking for your ear in the gutter, next to your freshly gouged out eyeball after the fight rather than just a bust lip.

"Hope the other guy didn't have hepatitis or something"

This fear alone would insure that this was a tactic of life or death for me.

Agreed Macedawgg. I'll seriously injure someone if that's what it takes to keep them from biting me. Anyone who wouldn't, should take a second and think about it.

I have been bitten in the face while I was G&P someone. It took a chunk out of my face, but after that I just continued G&P.

In a streetfight, biting does not hurt because of adrenaline (unless a finger is actually bitten off or something). Biting may cause your apponent to pause because of shock value, but the truth is that a bite does not do anything that would render your opponent unable to fight (unless he is a pussy).